Digital dentistry at Spanish Fork Dentistry gives you safer, more accurate dental care in less time than ever! That adds up to a healthier, happier smile at a cost that will have you smiling even more! Digital dentistry includes 3D imaging which reduces radiation exposure and gives the dentists a thorough view of your mouth and jawbone health. Spanish Fork Dentistry also offers in-house labs to provide you new, permanent new teeth without the hassle of temporaries.

What Digital Dentistry Means for You:

  • Same-Day Dentistry:  Multiple visits are a thing of the past when getting crowns, fillings, veneers, or dental implants at Spanish Fork Dentistry. With our cutting-edge technology, we scan your teeth for precise imaging. No need for awkward impressions. The scan helps our dentists create a custom tooth or set of teeth to fit your unique smile. The final permanent tooth or filling is placed during the same visit.


  • Digital Scans: Laser scans of your mouth offer the most reliable diagnostics without all the mess of conventional impressions. The camera scans your mouth and sends the image to our computer for guided dentistry. It also helps us provide you with preventative dentistry as we can see where problems may arise.


  • No More Temporaries: Your permanent new smile in one visit means fewer appointments and cost savings for you. No need for a second visit when the tooth comes back from the lab. Temporaries are also not as healthy as the permanent tooth. They are more likely to break or give you sensitivity. Your Spanish Fork dentists can design and build your new lasting tooth in one visit.

How Digital Dentistry Works With Dental Implants:

Advances in dental implant technology have made it the treatment of choice for replacing a missing tooth or whole set of teeth.

To get a new tooth or set of teeth using permanent dental implants, Spanish Fork Dentistry uses 3D CT scans or cone beam images with guided software. Put simply, this allows the dentists to view a 3D image of your jawbone for securing your new teeth. In the past, traditional 2D X-rays did not offer this unique level of data about your teeth and jawbone. With this revolutionary 3D view, your dentists can now see on camera your jawbone density and pick the best place for implants. With this precision, dentists at Spanish Fork Dentistry can place your new teeth in one visit, often reducing the need for bone grafts.

From this data of your mouth, a treatment plan is generated on the computer. This allows for precision in getting you a lasting smile. The computer-generated plan helps place the implant while avoiding sinuses or nerves.

Spanish Fork Dentistry offers a complimentary 3D cone beam scan of your mouth with every implant placed (a $400 value). Call today to see how you can get a new set of teeth or tooth replaced with a secure dental implant.

Laser Periodontal Therapy

Laser Periodontal Therapy™ is a laser-based approach to gum disease using an Nd:YAG free running pulsed laser requiring specific knowledge and training acquired through advanced laser certification.

This gives the patients: less pain, less bleeding, less swelling, less tissue removed, less downtime, and less recovery time which is decidedly less costly to you and your employer.

The reasons we use Laser Periodontal Therapy™ are to: remove only the diseased tissue without removing any of the healthy tissue, maintain the height of the tissue around teeth, minimize pain and discomfort to the patient, get a closure of the periodontal pocket wound and allow healing to take place.

Controlling periodontal disease makes it possible to save and restore otherwise hopeless involved teeth.

Periodontal disease has been linked in recent studies to a variety of other health ailments including stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and more. Call Spanish Fork Dentistry today to evaluate your periodontal health!