Wisdom tooth xray view. Medically accurate tooth 3D illustration

If you're one of the 35 percent of Americans who don't grow any wisdom teeth, consider yourself lucky. Wisdom teeth removal is common for the rest of us. These third molars can pose a bit of a problem and usually appear between ages 16 and 25.

Spanish Fork Dentistry offers a pain-free way to remove wisdom teeth while you Sedation Dentistry with sedation! Our dentists are trained surgeons with years of experience in removing wisdom teeth.

Trusted, reliable, comfortable... and most of all pain-free wisdom teeth removal is what you get at Spanish Fork Dentistry. We are not a wisdom tooth factory but carefully decide each case individually before removing the teeth. You can save time and money in the dental chair with us. Our dentists can also treat your long-term dental needs, not just wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth are usually removed for two reasons: your wisdom teeth are impacted OR may cause future problems to your dental health.

Wisdom Teeth Problems

When a wisdom tooth grows in crooked or sideways, it's impacted. This can impact other teeth, usually the second molar. Why is this a problem? In addition to THE damage to the teeth being impacted, there are a number of other possible negative side effects:

Pain due to impact with teeth, gums, or nerves.

Infection due to partially exposed wisdom teeth.

Bite problems, due to wisdom teeth affecting the shape of your jaw.

Since wisdom teeth usually appear between the ages of 16 and 25, these problems can be avoided by removing them as soon as problems are detected.

Do I Need My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

A trip to Spanish Fork Dentistry is the best way to determine if you need your wisdom teeth removed. With X-rays and consultation, your Spanish Fork dentist can tell you if you have a possibility of an impaction. If you do, corrective action can be taken to avoid any damage or negative side effects.

Here are some added benefits to modern-day wisdom teeth removal:

• Comfort with sedation

• Quick, efficient procedure

• Short recovery time

• Often covered by insurance

Everyone's mouth is unique, so it is important to meet with your dentist to make sure you don't have any risks for problematic wisdom teeth. Schedule an appointment today! Spanish Fork Dentistry offers wisdom tooth removal for Utah County, Spanish Fork, Mapleton, Salem, Payson and all south of Provo areas, and more.

"Getting 4 wisdom teeth out went very smoothly. We appreciate the time Dr. Swenson spent with us after surgery. He explained everything thoroughly."

Lindsay J. - Springville, UT

"Dr. Swenson was amazing. He was done in 45 minutes for 4 wisdom teeth and very patient for our daughter to make sure she was ok to go home. She is doing well afterward. Thanks, Dr. Swenson for a great job!"

Atieh - Mapleton, UT